Secrets to Winning on Slot Machines

With so much advice out there, how do you separate the good from the bad? We poured through a plethora of slot machine tricks and tips for playing online casino games in Michigan and elsewhere and did some experiments. Our efforts yielded a list of simple yet extremely effective ways to win on slot machines.

Don’t Ignore No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos make every effort to outperform one another in what’s best described as a cutthroat industry. Basically, a no deposit bonus is free money. A free chip for $5 lets you play without losing. Winning is the only option left. It pays off to spend time looking for no deposit bonus codes because they will let you win real money while playing slots for free.

Classic Slots Pay More Than Video Slots

Big, flashy video slots may be more visually appealing, but classic reel slots will always pay more. It’s easy to see why. Video slots attract more action and players. They are more entertaining, but they cost the casinos more money to maintain and operate. They can take up three times more space than classic slots. The casino will reduce the payouts on these machines in order to maximize profits. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t make enough money, rendering the machines meaningless from a financial viewpoint.

Look at the Wagering Requirement

Online gambling laws differ depending on your location, so the perks and bonuses of a casino in one country could be prohibited in another. You might be surprised to learn that being based in the US is actually an advantage. We certainly were. It appears US gaming laws give online gamblers access to some amazing bonuses.
To claim these, the wagering requirement is the first thing to look at. This requirement, also known as playthrough, is a multiplier determining the amount you will need to bet before they release your bonus. 10x or less is optimal.

Let’s translate this into numbers. Imagine someone signs up for a $5 bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x. This means before their money could become available for withdrawal, they would have to wager $100 of their bonus winnings. The same bonus with 10x playthrough would mean they could get away with wagering just $50 of their winnings to withdraw them.

The Best Option is Max Betting

Max betting increases your chances of winning and activates all the jackpots and bonuses on most slots. This makes it an excellent option. Casinos don’t want players to make big wagers. They’d rather they bet small and more frequently at poor payout rates. The casino profits from this.

At any rate, you should not bet any amount higher than your bankroll or spend more cash than you initially planned to. Always establish how much you can afford to lose in advance. Move to a slot where the maximum bet is smaller or drop down in denominations if you can’t afford the max bet on a given machine. Do whatever works for your bankroll.

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