New Zealand to regulate casinos in the future

Due to the rapid development of the internet, the gaming industry has undergone various changes and evolutions, improving all the multiple gaming sectors. Now, casino gaming like Zamsino casino is on another level. There are many New Zealanders who enjoy gaming from offshore casinos, which is legally allowed.

During the past period, there were cases of problematic gaming. Due to the current trend, it has become an issue that requires more stringent regulation. Through this consultation, the country’s Ministry of Health has developed new strategies to address compulsive gambling hence introducing various measures to curb the problem.

The most vulnerable group is children under 18 years. It has been noted that they have a higher chance of falling into addiction than adults who can control their gaming behavior. Once the gambling industry is maintained, it is expected to reduce malpractices and provide a bright future for gamblers in New Zealand.

Some of New Zealand’s statistics

Due to the massive amount of taxes collected by different gambling operators in New Zealand, it is complicated for the government to control the activities of these establishments. Before online gambling became mainstream, the country’s citizens had at least 70% of their age gambling starting from the children aged 15.

5% of gamers had dangerous practices that caused direct harm to the people who were next to them. The country’s gambling expenditure reached $1.58 billion in 2017 and 2018, a significant increase from the previous years. The game which had the most important share of the gaming is poker machine and lottery games. The total gambling expenditure channeled billions of dollars into the economy.

Today’s New Zealand’s Igaming regulations

The New Zealand government has issued regulations to update and review the country’s gaming legislation. Two of the gaming categories restricted by the authorities are the Lotto NZ and the TAB. They have received various restrictions and advice to lunch different online gaming products to replace the laid-off products.

The bill will also introduce a licensed model for the operation of gambling sites in New Zealand. It will allow players to manage and control the games in New Zealand easily. Further measures are in place to ensure that the regulations governing domestic and foreign operators are in place.
The government has also introduced various measures to prevent gambling activities. Some of these include bans on credit card transactions and self-exclusion.

New Zealanders online casino gambling

As per the carried out census, around 80% of New Zealanders gamble regularly; they gamble in the online, land-based, and offshore gaming facilities risking their money for extra returns. In 2013, New Zealand’s residents spent over $2 billion on live casinos, sportsbooks, and offshore gambling.
Since 2004, offline gambling has been brought down to 19% in New Zealand. However, the number of people playing has increased significantly in the past five years. New Zealand’s mid-30s are spending thousands of NZDs on online casinos in an attempt to pay off their debts.

Online gaming laws in New Zealand

New Zealand has two gambling regulators. The UK Gambling Commission and the New Zealand Gambling Commission. On May 5th, 2020, both the New Zealand Lotteries and Gaming Commissions passed laws that allow people to continue playing online gambling only as a pass-time activity. There are only two online gambling operators in New Zealand, namely, TAB and Lotto NZ. The New Zealand Gambling Commission has strict laws that require local casino operators to get licenses.

New Zealanders can play online casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots. It is perfectly legal to transfer money to offshore casinos in New Zealand. Top online casinos accept both local and international payments in New Zealand. All iGaming earnings are zero tax from the offshore and the coastal gaming accounts.


More plans are in place to improve the efficiency of the public sector are in place with other stakeholder groups while in collaboration with the government. The projects aim to reduce or mitigate the effects caused by problematic gambling. Plans also include identifying and informing the public about the various dangers of gambling and all the associated risks to the larger population and to themselves.

The goal is to educate the racing industry about the importance of supporting problem gambling efforts, ensuring that the players are not subjected to harmful activities, and ensuring that different measures are put in place to control the problem before it becomes a menace. The public is also directly involved in the discussions that are aimed at banning gambling advertisements.

Reasons why gambling has taken roots in New Zealand

The convenience of the payment methods

All online casino websites like accepts multiple payment methods, such as Mastercard, Neteller, and PayPal. These are quickly processed and accurate, and there are no technical glitches experienced in the process. Players can quickly get paid from online casinos without going to a physical store, and the other beautiful thing about gambling in New Zealand is that all the earned money is not taxed.

Safe and secured gaming

The online casinos in New Zealand have strict security measures to protect the data of their players, including complex algorithms not easily accessed by third parties. All the gaming operators must have gambling licenses as per the regulations of the jurisdictions hence minimizing cases of financial losses among the larger population.

Great reputation

New Zealand’s online gaming industry is booming, and the gaming population continues to increase. Numerous gaming portals are recognized by the authorities offering excellent gaming services earning their player’s trust.

Support by the local community

Aside from having great local support, players also benefit from the flexibility of having their transactions handled in local languages. Customer acre service is readily available to the gamers creating great convenience to the people.

In conclusion, if all the gaming rules are put in place, then New Zealand will be considered one of the leading destinations in Europe for risk-free gambling. The gaming environment is super friendly, and there are no or minimal malpractices that may be experienced hence creating a safe environment for gambling practices.

New Zealand has a flourishing online gambling industry. It is safe to play online casinos from other countries. Due to the nature of the online gambling industry in New Zealand, the government has heavily regulated it. It is expected to change in the future.

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