Distinctive features of pokies from live casino games

The gaming industry offers many types of gambling entertainment. Beginners can sometimes get confused when choosing the right game to play. In this post, we will analyze the distinctive features of live games from pokies online.

Since the 90s, online casinos have been gaining popularity all over the world. Now a huge number of amateurs play pokies and other online gambling games at casinos such as www.casinonic.com/en-AU. Although the niche of gambling has long been familiar to everyone, it has not fully revealed its potential. Players are more and more surprised by discoveries in this area, and gaming companies are constantly working to create new games and features. Modern games began to attract more users due to the presence of many interesting mini-games and solutions. The trend of recent years has shown that many players have switched from pokies to live casino games.

New online pokies of 2021

The difference between pokies and live games is significant. But it should be clarified for beginners in the gambling field.

Playing live

The main feature and advantage of live games are that the game is played in real-time with real people. It does not imply the use of special programs, which means that there is no third-party interference in the gameplay.

The game is almost always hosted by an experienced specialist. Everything happens the same as in a land-based establishment. They keep in touch with the players and comment on everything that happens in the game. In most cases, providers broadcast from a specially prepared studio. Less commonly, these are separate halls in real casinos.


People choose to live games for a variety of reasons. Some see this as an additional way to earn money. Someone wants to chat. Others want to feel the atmosphere that is as similar as possible to the atmosphere inside real casinos. Still, not all countries welcome casinos; some users cannot afford a trip to a land-based gambling establishment. After all, these are tangible expenses.

In pokies, the player cannot fully feel the whole atmosphere of the game, although it is quite possible to get the same adrenaline drive from winning and formation of jackpot combinations. But playing live is something different. Emotions from a live game are completely different. The player will be able to feel the real spirit of a land-based gambling establishment.

Fraud excluded

The live game format excludes any kind of falsification of the results. The result of the game is always transparent. Games are recorded on a camera (it’s real-time broadcast), and there are tracking sensors in the room. The player will be completely focused on the game, no one will distract him, unlike in land-based establishments.

Using skills

In live games, the player connects his mind, skills, experience. However, in pokies, you don’t need professional skills or additional knowledge. The player is just trying their luck.

Each institution has a large number of pokies for every taste. But there are not so many offers on live games.

These are the main differences between live casino games and pokies. If you are looking for the atmosphere of a real casino – live games definitely for you. But if you want a calm and slow-paced gambling experience – you may want to choose online pokies.

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