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A WMS Gaming Review- WMS had an early foundation in it’s business.  The company first made its entrance in 1943, beginning as a small casino which had developed pinball games for quite a while in Chicago. They then started being recognized as the best movers in the industry. In 1987, after being forced to bring changes to the business, they changed their name from Williams Manufacturing Company to WMS Industries. WMS Gaming was a niche put up on its feet in 1991, which later on decided to change the company’s appearance and started producing slot machines. By 1999, gambling had already become the main attraction for WMS, and 11 years later, in 2010, they made their way on the online slot machines market.

WMS Gaming is well known for having a single featured casino to use their software, and that is Jackpot Party Casino. They are the representatives of WMS, and are very  much appreciated for the uniqueness of their games and the support they offer to their users. In addition to that, WMS Gaming offers huge cashouts from games such as Monopoly, Star Trek and Top Gun, followed by amazing bonuses to retain their customer base.

Although WMS Gaming offers a whole variety of slot games and specializes in that niche, players will also be able to find classic casino games. They recently started laying focus on table games, such as blackjack, roulette, online poker and other top online table casino games.

Another feature to be pointed out at WMS is the excellent player support. WMS seems to understand the needs of every user, and allocates the time necessary for every customer to be satisfied. With outstanding protection from outside attacks, WMS gets a place high on Free Slot Money’s support service list. Not only do they offer a feeling of safety and security, but they also give away major bonuses and promotions regularly for everyone using their software.

Free Slot Money gives positive feedback to WMS and Jackpot Party Casino due to their unique style of maintaining a top position amongst online casino software providers. Also, our overall conclusion is that WMS represents a good choice for every player passionate about free slot gaming and free online table games, and we would definitely recommend the usage of the software.

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